Immediate alarm service

Send message to drivers and managers when temperature is out of range

Manage data memory

Establish expandable server with Amazon Web Service


Supply independent platform case by case

KOLAS certification

Certificated thermometer in safer and technical by Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme.

Specialized application

Specialized application for CheckLOD with UI/UX for user convenience

Security and Management

Five or more storage and expandable Database architect with Amazon Web Service security

About Us


    CheckLOD is a system to manage coldchain in realtime. Coldchain is a low temperature delivery management system from origin to customer. CheckLOD is a guaranteed system which provides products safer and trustful from fresh foods to pharmaceuticals. The system meets high technologies such as authorized sensor, expandable devices and service with specificative platform structure to customers


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Last Mile Delivery

   Last Mile delivery is the last stage of logistics industry right before reaching customers. These days temperatures are managed by paper in last mile stage so it comes out limitation for managing low-temperature supply chain management, cold chain. Real time temperature monitoring system of CheckLOD has advantage of this limitation for sending real data to customers and business partners to enhance credibility.

Data Transmission

   Measured temperature data in the package by external probe is transmitted by BLE 4.0 signal from CheckLOD logger to application on mobile which locates with the driver. Application draw the graph and forward received data from logger to the cloud server with GSP location information of mobile. Forwarded data to the server can be easily checked any environment with internet connection also CheckLOD website offers PDF convert service for reporting.

CheckLOD logger

      CheckLOD logger send measured temperature data to the mobile. Measuring temperature range may vary by the limitation of probes. Measured temperature will transmit to mobile periodically by 30 seconds, a minute or five minutes. Transmission is based on BLE 4.0 signals and the distance is approximately 10 meters it can penetrate steel wall. Humidity is also transmitted with temperature data at the same time. CheckLOD logger can store datas when it locates far away from mobile such as cargo shipment and train shipment. This logger is certificated by KOLAS from South Korean government which satisfy ISO/IEC 17011. Since certification will be validated a year, new device with new certification will be replaced certification expired device. Attached probe makes each internal package temperature measurable while the logger locates outside of the package. This increase the accuracy of the temperature variation.

Sensing Range
Logger Type
Connection Type
RF Power
Battery Type
Duration to full charge
Duration for usage
Internal memory
Temperature Certification
BLE Temperature Logger
Frozen | -110°C ~ +10°C
Fridge  | -40°C ~ +120°C
Fridge  ± 0.5°C
Frozen ± 1.0°C
Sensing & Logging interval
BLE 4.0
Mac +10dBm
TBD (0.5, 1 , 5 mins)
800mAh Litium Polymer Battery
Micro USB 5V & Stack up Charging
2 Hours
up to 7 days
KOLAS ( Korea Laboratory Accreditation Schema )
Status LEDs, LCD, 5 Push Buttons, Micro USB, Bluetooth Classic

CheckLOD Application

Only registered phone can run the CheckLOD application and it enhance the security. The application transmit temperature, humidity and GPS location information to the server in real-time. Moreover, it increase efficiency by saving taken photo of invoice to database by single easy steps.
Android Version same and above 5.0
Real-time temperature monitoring UI/UX
BLE, NFC module

Real-time Monitoring

Whereever internet is connected even in the office, measured temperature data could be easily accessed by CheckLOD website. The website offers customizable UI service and PDF convert service with print. Enhance readability by graph drawn with collected real time temperature data and Google Maps with real time GPS location data. Simply manage the CheckLOD logger by Setting in the website.